Photographer:Takenori Okuwaki

Yosuke Kubozuka:Actor, Model, Singer

Birth:7th May 1979
Birthplace:Kanagawa, Japan

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In 1995 the age of 16, Yosuke Kubozuka started his career as an actor in Japan.  He made his debut on a famed crime detective drama series titled, “The Kindaichi Case Files.”  In 2000, he became widely recognized for his unique acting when he starred in the film, “Ikebukuro West Gate Park.”

In 2001, he won the Best New Actor Award and the Best Actor Award at the 25th Japan Academy Prize for his performance in “Go”. He is the youngest recipient of the Best Actor Award ever in its history.

He has been very proactive in appearing in both Japanese and overseas films.  He featured and played majour roles in the films titled “PING PONG”, “KYOKI NO SAKURA”, “LAUNDRY”, “MONSTERS CLUB”, “HELTER SKELTER”, “THE EXTREME SUKIYAKI”, “1/3”, “TOKYO TRIBE” and “Z ISLAND.”  And, more to come soon.

In 2017, he was cast as Kichijiro, a key character who gave a powerful performance in the film, “Silence” directed by Martin Scorsese and made his first appearance in Hollywood.
He is now expecting to work with Elizabeth Banks in the film, “Rita Hayworth with a Hand Grenade” and will continue to explore further opportunities overseas.

Currently, he is filming ambitious bilingual drama “Giri/Haji,” by Netflix London.
The eight-part thriller, whose title translates as “Duty/Shame,” will make its world premiere on BBC Two in 2019, with Netflix streaming the series globally outside of the U.K.

He has also attracted a great deal of attention in the Asian fashion industry, appearing on the covers of various fashion magazines in and out of Japan since he had started his career as a model in 1995.
In 2017, he was appointed as a model by Adidas Shanghai.
In the beginning of 2018, by collaboration with a Japanese fashion magazine, he was invited as a guest to DIOR’s Paris Collection.

He is also famed for his theatrical performances. In 2010, he made his theatrical debut by playing a lonely terrorist on the stage, “BLOOD IS ASLEEP WHILE STANDING” directed by most wanted Japanese stage director, Yukio Ninagawa.
Since then he has been cast in Ninagawa’s works over times such as “Blood WEDDING” and “CYMBELINE.”  In 2012, for the first time he appeared as Iachimo on the London’s Barbican stage for Shakespeare’s “CYMBELINE”.  In 2015, he starred in the play “THE TEACHING OF KAIJU” directed by Toshiaki Toyoda.  He then reprised his role in 2016.

In the spring of 2018, he had a came back to NHK as a narrator for an ETV documentary called ‘Reborn ~ Drawing the Evolution~’ after 17 years.

Yosuke has also been pursuing his career as a reggae singer by the name “Manji Line” since 2006.  He has been vigorously involved with music activities, performing over 100 concerts a year.
He released his first greatest hits album in 2015 and his sixth album of original songs was released in 2017.
The Manji Line tour in China in the spring of 2018 was a great success.

This year, he has also started his solo talk show “Nonbendarari. ”

His writing activities extends from poems to essays, travel stories, etc.
And, in June of 2018, he published “Kodona no Kotoba” for the first time in 3 years.

His most recent works include an appointment as the ambassador for “BULK HOMME”


役名 監督
2021 全員切腹 豊田利晃監督
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2020 破壊の日 春秋徹役 豊田利晃監督
2020 PLANETIST ※ドキュメンタリー 豊田利晃監督
2019 最初の晩餐 東シュン役 常盤司郎監督
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2017 Silence -沈黙- キチジロー役 マーティン・スコセッシ監督
2015 Zアイランド 白川役 品川ヒロシ監督
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2007 パラダイス・ナウ ハーレド(日本語吹替での出演)役 ハニ・アブ・アサド監督
2007 俺は、君のためにこそ死ににいく 坂東勝次少尉役 新城卓監督
2006 台湾映画「松鼠自殺事件-amour-LEGEND-」 大島役 呉米森監督
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2003 魔界転生 天草四朗時貞役 平山秀幸監督
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2001 GO


杉原役 行定勲監督
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1998 卓球温泉 藤木篤役 山川元監督
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   as directed by
   役名 演出
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2020 Mr. Alex 2120 ASKR Directed by:Yukihiko Tsutsumi/Amazon Audible
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2019 Indeed
2019 Indeed
2015 Crush of Kings
2009 Suntory “GATORADE”
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2002 Nestle “N-taste code”
2002 JAL campaign “SKI Hokkaido 2002”
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2001 glico “Kiss Mint”
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1997 Hebel Haus
1997 Recruit”From”A
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2001 SEED


2017 Izumi Sakaki Lost and Found
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1998 Shonan Butouha Koukouden -Shinsouban Tanjyou Hen- as Jun Gouda KSS
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1997 Shonan Butouha Koukouden as Jun Gouda KSS
1996 “Hajimari Ha Itsumo Toshokan” ※educational movie as Riki Iwasaki Kinokuniya Books


2020 Photo Exhibition “TOKYO” By Mika NInagawa


Venue: Shibuya PARCO Musium
2019 BURBERRY Ginza Opening party Venue:BURBERRY Ginza
2019 Invited party of “Clash de Cartier” Venue : Paris/Tokyo
2019 Photo Exhibition “Yuzo Otsuka” Venue : Nagasaki Museum
2018 “Dior 2019 Pre-Fall Men’s Collection” Invited as a guest Venue : Tokyo Telecom Center bilding
2018 “TOKYO SOUNDSCAPE by cowcamo” Creator Venue : Meguro CLASKA
2016 Photo Exhibition “IN MY ROOM” By Mika NInagawa Venu : Shibuya PARUCO Musiam
2014 Video for guests at Yoshinoyama “Seimei To Yami Ni Ukabu Zaou Gongen” Directed by Kusui
2014 ALS ice bucket challenge
2013 Photo Exhibition “Gekkan Men” By Mika NInagawa Venue : Tokyo TABLOID GALLERY, Osaka Tennoji MIO
2013 Photo Exhibition “LUCKY STAR NINAGAWA MEN&WOMEN” By Mika NInagawa Venue : Omotesando Hills
2012 Alfa Romeo “MiTO INNOVATIVE FASHION DRIVE” Photo Exhibition Venue : CosTUME NATIONAL Aoyama Complex
2013 Photo Exhibition “SUPER LOVE” by Leslie Kee Venue : Omotesando GYRE
2013 Photo Exhibition “SUPER BARNEYS PHOTO EXHIBITION” by Leslie Kee Venue : BARNEYS NEW YORK
2012 Photo Exhibition “HELTER SKELTER” By Mika NInagawa Venue : Shibuya PARCO Musium
2012 Mercedes-Benz G-class Presents Ricky@Fifty,A Ricky Powell Retrospective, From Greenwich Village to the Land of The Rising Sun… Mercedes-Benz Connection Venue : Mercedes-Benz Connection Roppongi
2012 “The HOPE Exhibition by Leslie Kee” Venue : Omotesando Hills
2011 Daido Moriyama and Mika ninagawa Photo Exhibition Venue : Courtesy of Tomio Koyama Gallery
2011 “TENKI 311 THE DAY -a message-“
2010 Photo Exhibition “SUPER TOKYO” by Leslie Kee Venue : Omotesando Hills
2006 Photo Exhibition “SUPER STARS” by Leslie Kee Venue : Omotesando Hills
2006 “Yosuke Kubozuka×new balance×mita sneakers”
2006 Game “Machi~Unmei No Kousaten” ※for PSP
2001 Densetsu No Wanijeiku Derected by Isshin Inudo
1999 Hiromichi Nakano “1999-2000 Tokyo Collection A/W” Venue : EBIS303
1998 Game “Machi~Unmei No Kousaten”
2012 「The HOPE Exhibition by Leslie Kee」 会場:表参道ヒルズ 本館吹抜け大階段
2011 「TENKI 311 THE DAY -a message-」


2018 Kodona no Kotoba NORTH VILLAGE
2012 【CD】Seija No Koshin : Genso Gikyoku Kaihogun Yori Shiki No Aru Rakuen AMATORECORDZ reading aloud
2012 Hounyou NORTH VILLAGE
2011 【photo album】”GEKKAN MEN SPECIAL YOSUKE KUBOZUKA NOWHERE” PONY CANYON Photographer:Mika Ninagawa
2010 Lyrics&photos ”Yosuke Kubozuka / 卍LINE~TIME WAVE~” Inforest
2009 Gekkan Watanabe Naoko(Shincho mook) Shinchosha Photographer:Yosuke Kubozuka
2008 Oficial visual book “ICHI” Koudansha
2005 Cinema book “ONAJI TSUKI WO MITEIRU” Shogakukan
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2019 Talk event for commemorate the movie release “Blind Spotting” Kagurazaka as talk guest
2018 Talk event for commemorate the exhibition “OCCUL” Shibuya GALLERY X
2018 Nonbendarari Mt.RAINIERHALL SHIBUYA Solo talk show
2018 OyaG Talk Live! Gallery Roppongi
2017 Seminar “Yokosuka Youkakai” 横須賀セントラルホテルYokosuka central Hotel Talk show
2017 Talk event for commemorate the photo alubm release”TRANSLATOR” Aoyama Book center
2014 Talk event for commemorate the movie release “The Harder They Come” Place: Cinem@rt Shinsaibashi
2012 Talk event for commemorate the movie release “Marley”
2011 26th Heike Monogatari no yuube 京都府立府民ホール ALTI Act:Mokke no Sata
2010 Tabimatsuri 2010 Odaiba Talk Event
2008 Sakura AID charity concert Kinpusen temple Recitation
2007 Magical night of Švankmajer Dining Bar 「TRINITY」 Talk show
2007 Hisao Nakazato Celebration for publication of book and having a press conference Gakushikaikan Gave a speech as a guest
2007 Tribute of Miyuki Nakajima “Ikite Oyoge Namidaha Ushiro De Nagase” Osaka Festival Hall Recitation
2006 Yokohama Reggae Festival 2006 横浜スタジアムYokohama studium Video message
2006 Shison Yokosuka city culture hall Poem:Yosuke Kubozuka, Dance:GORI, Pinano:MAKO, Art:TSUYOSHI
2004 Environmental Event “Earth Day Tokyo 2004” Yoyogi Park Music Live(Yosuke Kubozuka a.k.a.Kuusui)
2004 Environmental Event “Earth Day Tokyo 2004” Meiji Shrine Talk Show
2003 YOKOSUKA SOUND GATE Yokosuka Shin port Charity Event


2018 Reborn ~ Drawing the Evolution~ NHK ※As a narrator
2005 Kubozuka Yousuke/ Journey of Native American TBS ※Documentary
2004 Kokuhaku/Kubozukayousuke TBS ※Documentary
2003 Chikyu Ishin ~PIECES OF PEACE~ CX ※Documentary
2002 Yosuke Kubozuka/The challenge of the 23-year-old ANB ※Documentary
2002 Waratte Iitomo CX ※Talk show
2001 Top Runner NHK ※Talk show
2001 Shitateya Koujyou CX
2001 Jyonetsu Tairiku TBS ※Documentary
2000 Hanamaru Market TBS ※Talk show
2000 Waratte Iitomo CX ※Talk show
1999 Sekai Ururun Taizaiki TBS ※Documentary(Visiting Italy to know about "Borsalino")


2020 29th Japan Movie Critics Award Supporting Actor Award SaishonoBansan
2020 34th Takasaki Film Festival Best Supporting Actor Award SaishonoBansan
2017 10th Parenting Award Father department
2001 25th Awards of the Japanese Academy

※The youngest recipient ever in its history.

Best Actor Award GO
2001 25th Awards of the Japanese Academy Newcomer of the Year GO
2001 75th Kinema Junpo Awards Best Actor Award OBORERU SAKANA
2001 75th Kinema Junpo Awards Best Actor Award / Best New Actor GO
2001 23rd Yokohama Film Festival Best Actor Award GO
2001 26th Hochi Film Awards Best Actor Award GO
2001 16th Takasaki Film Festival Best Actor Award GO
2001 11st Tokyo Sports Film Award Best Actor Award GO
2001 11st Japan Movie Critics Award Best Actor Award GO
2001 56th Mainichi Film Concours Sponichi Grand Prize New Talent Award GO
2001 14th Nikkan Sports Film Awards Ishihara Yujiro New Actor Award GO
2001 39th Golden Arrow Award Film Award GO
2001 Élan d’or Award Best New Actor Award
1999 37th Galaxy Awards Encouragement Award Shonen "H"


2020 「WATASHI JAPAN」(Japanese glass brand)
2020 「Ima Wo Yokusuru TV」(YoTube)
2019 「HATCH」(EC site)Serector